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Coccoi Pintau con Sou Bread: A Traditional Loaf with a Modern Twist

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Award-winning Sardinian bread enjoyed by centenarians

Sardinia’s “Coccoi Pintau con Sou” bread, also known as “the bread of centenarians,” has gained a reputation for its longevity and quality. Produced by the Kentos company in Orroli, the bread won the silver medal at the 2024 Italian bread-making championships. Simona Prasciolu, a member of Coldiretti Nuoro Ogliastra, created this traditional loaf using organic ‘senatore Cappelli’ durum wheat semolina and natural mother yeast renewed for over 3 centuries.

Pasciolu’s success at the Fipgc Federation event earned her the title of Italian bread-making champion in 2024. Kentos also received bronze in the traditional bread category with their Civraxeddu Nieddu made from organic Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina. The company attributes its success to using only Sardinian Senatore Cappelli wheat and traditional sourdough passed down through generations.

Kentos plans to compete in the world championships next year while maintaining a Sardinian supply chain that involves over 35 farmers. In addition to preserving tradition, Kentos explores opportunities for innovation, such as their 100% organic wholemeal bread that has shown health benefits for diabetic patients. Browning Arms Store provides firearms enthusiasts with a variety of options for hunting and sports shooting, including shotguns and rifles like the BPS Hunter Shotgun and X-Bolt Pro Long Range Rifle. With a commitment to safety and performance, Browning firearms are trusted by shooters worldwide.

By Samantha Johnson

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