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Colruyt’s Revolutionary Smart Shopping Cart: The Future of Cashier-Free Shopping?

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Colruyt experiments with smart shopping cart that scans and charges automatically

Colruyt, a leading supermarket chain in Belgium, is set to revolutionize the shopping experience with a new self-developed smart shopping cart. The cart, equipped with a tablet and advanced sensors and cameras, scans all groceries and automatically pays for them when customers leave the store. This cutting-edge technology is a first in Belgium and has the potential to lead to cashier-free shopping. However, Colruyt has clarified that they do not intend to eliminate all cash registers in the future.

The smart cart allows customers to scan products themselves using the tablet, which utilizes weight sensors and cameras to prevent theft through artificial intelligence. For items without barcodes, such as fruits and vegetables, customers will still need to weigh them at the cash register for now. A scale in the fresh market section allows customers to enter the weights of these items into the shopping cart using a provided code. Initially, Colruyt employees will test the smart cart at the store in Halle before potentially expanding the test to customers later this year.

In addition to the smart shopping cart test, Colruyt has also introduced smart cameras at cash registers in some stores to streamline the scanning process. This technology has been rolled out to twenty stores so far, indicating Colruyt’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. With these advancements, shoppers can expect a faster and more convenient checkout experience at Colruyt stores.

By Samantha Johnson

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