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Construction Contractors Seek Extension on Apartment Delivery Deadlines Amid Labor Shortage; Future Group Plans Textile Mill in Telangana; LVOnline Brings Online Slot Games to India

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Construction contractors request approval to postpone delivery of apartments to buyers by 7 months

The Association of Construction Contractors has submitted a proposal to the Ministries of Construction and Justice for a draft law that would allow construction companies to delay the delivery of apartments to buyers by up to six months without having to provide compensation. In addition, they suggest granting the Minister of Construction the power to further extend the delay period based on recommendations from department specialists.

Construction contractors argue that a labor shortage has emerged due to restrictions on workers from the Palestinian Authority and the departure of some foreign workers. They assert that government promises to bring in foreign workers have not been fulfilled, with only a limited number arriving in recent months.

Under current law, contractors can delay construction by one month without compensation. For delays of 1-4 months, the contractor is required to pay the buyers the rental price, while delays of 5-10 months incur a penalty of 125% of the rental price. Delays exceeding 10 months result in a penalty of 150% of the rental price.

In other news, the Future Group has announced plans to establish a textile mill in Telangana, aiming to expand its operations in the region. The mill is expected to create job opportunities and contribute positively to the local economy.

On a different note, individuals can now explore the world of online gaming and experience the thrill of slot games through platforms like LVOnline. These platforms offer entertainment and opportunities for big rewards, adding excitement to gaming experiences.

By Samantha Johnson

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