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Construction Project by Oklahoma Department of Transportation Causes Negativity on Oklahoma City Businesses, Claims Owner

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 16, 2024
Construction Project by Oklahoma Department of Transportation Causes Negativity on Oklahoma City Businesses, Claims Owner

Road construction is often seen as a way to improve communities and boost economic development. However, a business owner in southeast Oklahoma City believes that the current construction near his business is actually having a negative impact. Jay Pandey, the owner of TNT, Tank and Tummy convenience store, is facing challenges due to road construction off S Douglas Blvd, south of Interstate 40. He is particularly concerned about the construction blocking his main entrance, making it difficult for customers to access his store.

Pandey explains that the construction has barricaded his main entrance and narrowed the second one, making it hard for customers to see and access the store. As a result, he says he has lost more than 50 percent of his business since the construction started in May of 2023. He may even have to consider closing his store if the situation does not improve soon.

Customers who rely on the convenience store, such as Irvin Peden, feel the impact as well. Peden expresses the struggles faced by residents nearby who need to quickly access the store but are now faced with obstacles due to the construction.

While Pandey acknowledges the importance of infrastructure upgrades, he is frustrated with the lengthy timeline of the project. He urges the construction team to expedite the work so that he can regain his business and serve his customers effectively. In the meantime, he appeals to his regular customers, especially those from Tinker Air Force Base, to continue supporting his business during this challenging period.

Pandey has had to reduce his operating hours and is experiencing challenges with products going out of date. His hope is that the construction will be completed by next year, as projected by ODOT, so that he can resume normal operations and serve his community effectively once again.

By Samantha Johnson

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