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Contemplating the Cycle of Life and Death: A Filmmaker’s Reflection on Mortality and Nature

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
A Hunter’s Poetic Contemplation on the Inevitable Nature of Mortality

Andy Sarjahani’s film To the Bone delves deep into the musings of American writer Johnny Carrol Sain after he hunts and harvests a deer in the Ozark National Forest. Through his contemplative reflections, Sain ponders his place within the natural order, examining the long-standing rhythms of ‘solar-powered recycling’ that have been present on Earth since its inception.

Despite recognizing the inherent cycles of life and death in nature, Sain struggles to accept his own mortality as anything but remarkable. He acknowledges that he has spent too much time at the top, making it difficult for him to come to terms with the idea of his own demise.

In adapting Sain’s essay, Andy Sarjahani takes a meditative approach to explore themes of hunting and mortality in a thoughtful and thought-provoking manner. Through his film, audiences are encouraged to consider their own place within the natural order and contemplate the profound implications of being mortal.

By Samantha Johnson

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