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Continuing Education College awarded grant to enhance opportunities in healthcare professions

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 12, 2024
Continuing Education College awarded grant to enhance opportunities in healthcare professions

The San Diego College of Continuing Education recently received a $1 million state grant to collaborate with regional education partners in order to provide more opportunities for English language learners to pursue careers in the healthcare field. This grant, known as the English Language Learner Healthcare Pathway Grant, amounts to $1,049,601 and is part of California’s Care Economy Workforce Development Package, which involves a $130 million fund allocation. Specifically, $30 million of this funding is designated for the development of healthcare-focused vocational pathways for English language learners.

San Diego College of Continuing Education President Tina M. King highlighted the importance of this initiative by pointing out that approximately 24% of San Diego residents are foreign-born and more than 38% of households in the city speak a language other than English. By offering courses and programs tailored for English Language Learners, the college aims to expand access to the beneficial educational opportunities provided by San Diego College of Continuing Education and San Diego Unified’s Adult Education programs.

As part of this effort, SDCCE will collaborate with the San Diego Unified School District to expand a joint Certified Nursing Assistant program. This program enables students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become registered CNAs, with potential career advancement opportunities to become licensed vocational nurses or registered nurses. In addition to this, SDCCE intends to introduce new courses in the fall of 2025 to train prospective ophthalmic technicians and optical technicians.

By Samantha Johnson

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