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Controversy over Last-Second Basketball Ruling in NJSIAA Group 2 Boys Semifinal: Manasquan vs. Camden

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Video: High school basketball seminfinal in New Jersey concludes with disputed buzzer-beater decision

The NJSIAA Group 2 boys basketball semifinal on Tuesday night was marred by controversy when officials intervened to disallow a last-second winning basket by Manasquan against Camden. Despite overwhelming evidence that the basket should have counted, the referees ruled otherwise with only 5.8 seconds left in the game.

Camden had taken a lead of 46-45 after making a pair of free throws, and Manasquan attempted a shot and tipped in the rebound before the buzzer, which was initially counted as a winning basket. However, after huddling together, the referees decided that the ball did not leave the player’s hand before time expired, giving Camden the victory and a spot in the championship game.

Despite Manasquan’s appeal of the decision, the NJSIAA rejected it due to rules prohibiting video review to reverse a ruling. Superintendent Dr. Frank Kasyan of Manasquan is now considering legal action against the NJSIAA, expressing his desire for a just and ethical decision. He emphasized that physical evidence contradicts officials’ ruling and underscored fairness in sports decisions.

If this decision is not overturned soon, Camden will face Arts High School in Saturday’s championship game.

By Samantha Johnson

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