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Cooperation Agreement Signed Between the Port of Ashdod and the National Cyber System

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 10, 2024
Cooperation Agreement Signed Between the Port of Ashdod and the National Cyber System

The innovation department of the Port of Ashdod, managed by Roi Abrahami, specializes in cyber solutions for ports and showcases innovative solutions from top startups in the industry. The port’s technological incubator also supports various international projects. Within the innovation system, several Israeli startups are working to provide cybersecurity solutions, including Cyber ​​2.0, Enigmatos, Salvador, EasySec Solutions, and Global computers com.

Minister for Regional Cooperation and Commissioner of the Companies Authority, David Amsalem, emphasized the importance of collaboration between the Port of Ashdod and the national cyber system, especially in times of heightened security concerns. The head of the national cyber system, Gabi Portnoy, highlighted the increasing cyber threats in the maritime industry and the need for innovative solutions to stay ahead of attackers and maintain operational continuity.

Shaul Schneider, Chairman of the Ashdod Port Board of Directors, welcomed the closer cooperation with the National Cyber System, recognizing the investment in cybersecurity as crucial for the port’s growth. Eli Bar Yosef, Acting CEO of the Port of Ashdod, emphasized the port’s resources and experience in the cyber field, noting the importance of strengthening solutions in technology and cybersecurity through collaboration with the national cyber system.

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By Samantha Johnson

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