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Could nuclear power be making a comeback? | Industry and Financial Trends

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 21, 2024
Could nuclear power be making a comeback? | Industry and Financial Trends

Global nuclear power generation is projected to reach its peak next year, despite criticisms that it is dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming to build. Critics argue that nuclear power plants pose risks, are costly to construct, and have lengthy construction timelines.

However, many experts view nuclear power as a clean energy source. In efforts to decarbonize, numerous countries are investing in new reactors, with the majority of them being supplied by China and Russia. The International Atomic Energy Association anticipates that global nuclear power generation will hit a record high in the coming year.

To meet the climate targets outlined in the Paris Agreement, the IAEA states that investment in nuclear power will need to more than double to $100 billion by 2030. This increased funding is necessary to support the growth of nuclear energy and its potential to combat climate change.

In other news covered on Counting the Cost, the European Union has committed $8 billion to support Egypt, which is facing financial challenges. Additionally, there is speculation about whether the United States will ban the social media platform TikTok, raising concerns about data privacy and national security.

By Samantha Johnson

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