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Crypto Market Cap Approaching 2021 Bubble Peak

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 5, 2024
Crypto Market Cap Approaching 2021 Bubble Peak

Crypto investing hit its peak in November 2021, but now it is nearly back to those levels and it’s not just bitcoin. As of April 2024, the global crypto market is valued at almost $2.5 trillion, approaching its previous peak of $2.7 trillion. Despite the collapse of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried facing legal troubles, the interest in crypto remains strong. While there is not as much interest in cryptocurrency being used for transformative technologies, there is a lot of interest in buying and investing in cryptocurrencies.

The market has seen a resurgence in Ethereum, solana, and tether, with record amounts of money being invested. However, dogecoin, despite being Elon Musk’s favorite meme coin, is still below its peak value. The renewed interest in crypto can be attributed to various factors such as institutional investment through exchange-traded funds and regulatory changes from bodies like the SEC under Gary Gensler.

Ultimately, the resurgence in crypto can be summed up by the fact that people are always ready to invest in something that has gone up in value, until it doesn’t. This serves as a reminder to revisit past investments and reassess their potential value in the current market.

By Samantha Johnson

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