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Cuba’s Communist Regime Nearing Collapse

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 19, 2024
Cuba’s Communist Regime Nearing Collapse

In late February, amidst the ongoing crises in Latin America, the Cuban government made a plea to the United Nations for assistance with addressing a growing food shortage. This request for help from a communist regime known for its social welfare model highlights the severe economic challenges facing Cuba. Factors such as tightened US restrictions, declining domestic production, a struggling post-Covid tourism industry, and lack of support from its allies have contributed to the island experiencing its worst economic times since the collapse of the Soviet Union over thirty years ago.

The situation in Cuba escalated recently with a series of blackouts that led to protests in the streets, with people demanding “food and power.” This outpouring of public frustration is a rare display of social unrest, especially since the government’s harsh response to the turmoil in July 2021 effectively quelled any dissent at that time. The combination of economic struggles and lack of basic necessities has pushed the Cuban people to a breaking point, prompting them to seek help from international organizations like the United Nations.

By Samantha Johnson

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