• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Dagestan Prepares to Welcome Palestinian Refugees, Says Sergei Melikov


Nov 20, 2023

Dagestan’s head, Sergei Melikov, has announced that the region is ready to take in refugees from Palestine if a decision is made at the state level. Recently, Dagestan sent 30 tons of aid to residents of the Gaza Strip using a special aircraft from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. The cargo was intended for those who suffered during the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Dagestan has already collected over 100 tons of humanitarian aid, with plans to send more soon.

Melikov stated that Dagestan’s assistance to the people of Palestine would not be limited to just sending aid, as the region would also be prepared to accommodate refugees on its territory if necessary. Women and children would be given priority for accommodation. The head of Dagestan instructed the regional government to quickly work on this issue.

Additionally, Chechnya has expressed its readiness to accept 250 refugees from Palestine, further demonstrating these regions’ commitment to helping those affected by the conflict in the Middle East.

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