• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Deer found dead in yard following its accidental entry by homeowner Ivan


Nov 21, 2023

In the small town of Vukosavljevica near Virovitica, a unique event took place when a 60-year-old man named Ivan Šanteković witnessed a deer wandering onto his family’s covered terrace and passing away there. The man was taken aback by the sight of the deer on his terrace and gently nudged it to find that it had already expired.

After calling the police, it was determined that the deer, weighing approximately 180 kilograms, had likely been killed in a collision with a vehicle. Despite an examination of the body, no wounds from a firearm or other weapon were found. It was discovered that the animal’s death was caused by internal injuries that could not be seen from the outside. The deer was six years old and belonged to the silver category due to its horn size.

A local hunter named Željko Rešetar also visited the terrace and noted that it is common for wounded animals to seek shelter in safe places before succumbing to their injuries. He explained that this event was relatively rare in the area where he works as part of the Pheasant Hunting Association Špišić Bukovica. The incident serves as a reminder of how unpredictable wildlife encounters can be and highlights the need for caution when interacting with these creatures.

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