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Defense Contractor in South Carolina: Layoffs Result from Unforeseen Funding Reductions | Business

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
Defense Contractor in South Carolina: Layoffs Result from Unforeseen Funding Reductions | Business

A Charleston-area defense contractor is laying off 98 workers due to the unexpected loss of military funding in Goose Creek. Logistics Support Inc., a division of Z Systems Corp., is the company making the cuts with the layoffs expected to occur on June 7. While it is uncertain if the Goose Creek site will be closing, there is no additional information provided beyond the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification filing given to the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce. The company has not commented on the situation when reached for a response.

Logistics Support Inc. is responsible for providing mechanics and material coordinators that assist in maintaining equipment on APS-3 vessels, also called Army Prepositioned Stock vessels. These ships are used to transport and store military equipment and supplies, with Logistics Support coordinating all deployment medical and dental screenings, drug testing, and background checks for personnel. Once training is finished, individuals are deployed to a specific port to meet the supported ship. These vessels are serviced by the Army Field Support Battalion-Charleston at Joint Base Charleston.

Lt. Col. Christopher Manganaro, commander of the Army Field Support Battalion, emphasized the importance of APS-3 in providing flexibility and agility for the warfighter. Various positions are affected by the impending layoffs, such as motor vehicle and shipboard mechanics, supply technicians, site managers, and material coordinators. While there is potential for affected employees to transition to a new employer if the work is awarded to another defense contractor, the future job security of these workers remains uncertain.

By Samantha Johnson

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