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Despite Controversy, Muslim League (PML-N) Declares Victory in Pakistani Elections


Feb 11, 2024
Sharif’s party claims victory in elections

In Pakistan, the Muslim League (PML-N), led by Nawaz Sharif, has declared victory in the recent elections. Despite being the party with the most seats from registered parties, independent candidates were still leading and securing a majority as well. As counting continued into Saturday, independent candidates secured 99 seats in Pakistan’s 266-seat parliament, with 88 of them being closely aligned with ex-prime minister Imran Khan and the PTI party.

However, at the time of the announcement, the PTI party was not permitted to participate in the elections as a party. Its candidates ran as independents. The PTI had secured 71 seats, while the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) got 53 and minor parties won 27. There were still 15 undecided seats at that point.

Sharif acknowledged that his party does not have a sufficient majority to form a government and thus invited other parties and successful independent candidates to cooperate with them. In Pakistan, independent candidates are unable to form a government alone but can form a coalition within three days after the elections.

PTI later posted an AI-generated video claiming that its candidates loyal to the party had won the election further stirring up controversy over the results. The powerful military of Pakistan called for an end to the standoff emphasizing that there is a need for a steady and healing hand in moving forward from politics of confrontation and anarchy.

Given that Imran Khan is currently in prison and banned from politics for a decade, there are concerns about election fraud fueled by military backing of Sharif’s Muslim League (PML-N). As more developments unfold, it remains to be seen what will happen next in this complex political landscape.

The situation raises questions about transparency and accountability in Pakistani electoral processes. It also highlights how important it is for any democratic nation to maintain neutrality when conducting elections so that people feel confident that their vote has been fairly counted.

In conclusion, while Nawaz Sharif’s Muslim League (PML-N) has declared victory in Pakistan’s recent elections, concerns about election fraud persist due to military backing of his party and Imran Khan’s ban on politics for a decade. Further developments will be closely watched as people wait for clarity on what will happen next in this complex political environment.

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