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Director of TJC Earth and Space Science Center Shares Guidelines for Ensuring the Safety of Your Eclipse Glasses

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Director of TJC Earth and Space Science Center Shares Guidelines for Ensuring the Safety of Your Eclipse Glasses

With the Great American Total Solar Eclipse approaching in two weeks, the demand for eclipse glasses is increasing, making it harder to find legitimate ones. This scarcity is leading to counterfeit and unsafe glasses entering the market to meet the growing demand. On Apr. 8, a total solar eclipse will be visible across North America, with many East Texas towns in the path of totality.

Dr. Timothy Young from Lehmann Eye Center emphasizes the importance of using proper eclipse glasses to protect the eyes from the intense light of the sun during the eclipse. Viewing the eclipse without proper protection can lead to retina damage and potential permanent vision loss. The American Astronomical Society has previously warned about fake solar eclipse glasses being sold online to exploit the high demand.

Dr. Beau Hartweg explains that safe eclipse glasses have a specific ISO rating (International Standards Organization) of 12312-2 that consumers should look for when purchasing them. Regular sunglasses do not offer the same level of protection as eclipse glasses due to the special solar filter embedded in the latter.

Dr. James Berg advises against using binoculars or cameras to view the eclipse without proper protection, as their lenses can intensify the sunrays and cause damage even if the eyes are covered with eclipse glasses. To ensure the safety of your vision, it’s recommended to buy eclipse glasses from trusted vendors listed on the American Astronomical Society’s website.

KLTV and KTRE are offering branded ISO Safe glasses for free at participating local Dairy Queens to help people safely view the upcoming solar eclipse. Remember to protect your eyes during this rare event to prevent any potential vision damage.

By Samantha Johnson

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