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Discover 12 enchanting photos from the British Wildlife Photography Awards

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 24, 2024
Discover 12 enchanting photos from the British Wildlife Photography Awards

An alert hare, clinging barnacles, and a sly fox on an urban prowl were all honored in a recent event. The photograph titled “What’s All the Fuss About?” captured an Arctic walrus who had come ashore to rest on the harbour slipway in Scarborough. The walrus lifted its head as a car passed on Foreshore Road, with streetlights illuminating the scene. In the background, the town’s fishing boats can be seen. Despite being taken handheld, at 1/80th of a second at f/1.6, an ISO of 6400 was still needed to properly expose Thor and the slipway at 2:28am.

Will Palmer’s photograph titled Urban Wildlife was the runner-up in the event, showcasing the unique interaction between urban environments and wildlife. The photograph captures the beauty of nature within an urban setting, drawing attention to the creatures that may often go unnoticed in a bustling city. The alert hare, clinging barnacles, and sly fox all represent the diverse wildlife that can thrive even in urban areas. The photograph highlights the importance of coexisting with nature and appreciating the beauty of wildlife in unexpected places.

By Samantha Johnson

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