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Discovering the Ancient Islamic Astrolabe in Verona: A Testament to Cultural Exchange and Scientific Innovation

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Astrolabe from the 11th Century Used by Muslims, Jews, and Christians Unearthed

In an Italian museum, an ancient Islamic astrolabe from the 11th century was discovered by a researcher from the University of Cambridge. Federica Gigante stumbled upon the image of the astrolabe on the website of the Fondazione Museo Miniscalchi-Erizzo in Verona and initially believed it might be fake. After further study, she confirmed its authenticity and deemed it one of the most important objects in the museum’s collection.

The astrolabe underwent numerous modifications and adaptations as it changed hands, with at least three different users adding translations and corrections to the object. These modifications included inscriptions in Hebrew and a Western language. Gigante, an expert in Islamic astrolabes, was able to date and locate the creation of the astrolabe in Andalusia in the 11th century.

The Verona astrolabe was a versatile astronomical instrument that provided a portable model of the universe, allowing users to calculate time and distances, plot star positions, and even forecast the future through horoscopes. The astrolabe was specifically tailored to accommodate the needs of its Muslim, Jewish, and Christian users, featuring prayer lines and names to help keep time for daily prayers.

Gigante emphasized that this rare artifact is not only significant but also a testament to scientific exchange between different religious groups over centuries. The object’s rich history and intricate design highlight cultural exchange and coexistence that existed during that time.

By Samantha Johnson

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