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Discovering What We Learned from Ilia Malinin, Sakamoto Kaori, and More in Montreal

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 25, 2024
Discovering What We Learned from Ilia Malinin, Sakamoto Kaori, and More in Montreal

In the men’s singles competition at the World Championships in Montreal, Ilia Malinin emerged as the victor, earning the nickname ‘Quad God’ for his stellar performance. Despite tough competition from two-time Olympic medallist Uno Shoma and reigning world champion Kagiyama Yuma, Malinin had established himself as a frontrunner by defeating them at the Grand Prix Final.

Uno Shoma showcased his brilliance in the short program, taking a slight lead over Kagiyama and Malinin. However, it was Malinin’s flawless free skate that stole the show, landing an unprecedented six clean quads including a never-before-seen quadruple Axel. The Bell Centre erupted with cheers as Malinin completed his program, overwhelmed with emotion at his record-breaking score.

Kagiyama Yuma maintained his composure in the free skate to secure his third silver medal at Worlds, while Adam Siao Him Fa stunned audiences with a remarkable comeback from 19th place to claim the bronze. Uno Shoma finished fourth after a stumble in his program, marking just the fourth time he missed the podium in his eight appearances at Worlds.

Looking ahead, the future is uncertain for Uno and fellow veteran Jason Brown. Brown finished in fifth place at Worlds, showcasing his exquisite skating after limited international appearances in recent seasons. As the dust settles on an unforgettable competition, fans eagerly await the next chapter in the careers of these talented skaters.

By Samantha Johnson

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