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DIU Awards Multiple Contracts for Development of Aircraft Drag Reduction Technology

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 8, 2024
DIU Awards Multiple Contracts for Development of Aircraft Drag Reduction Technology

The Defense Innovation Unit, along with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Special Operations Command, and the Air Force Operational Energy Office, have recently awarded multiple contracts to prototype technologies aimed at reducing drag on legacy logistics aircraft. This initiative is expected to decrease fuel consumption on these aircraft, ultimately leading to cost savings for airborne logistics missions.

One of the recipients of these contracts is Vortex Control Technologies, which will be developing drag reduction solutions such as “finlets” for installation on C-130J and KC-135 aircraft. Another awardee, Metro Aerospace, will be utilizing their Microvane technology on USAF’s C-130s to reduce drag by altering airflow in the tail section. Additionally, Australian company MicroTau has been selected to test their riblet film on an AFSOC C-130J, with the aim of improving aircraft efficiency and reducing drag.

These technologies are estimated to potentially reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% and increase operational capability for these aircraft. With these advancements in drag reduction, the DIU is paving the way for more cost-effective and efficient airborne logistics missions in the future.

By Samantha Johnson

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