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Diverse Leadership: Progress Towards Gender Equality in Italian Management

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Increase of 8.1% in Women Managers in Italy in Past Year

The latest data from INPS, reported by Manageritalia in their “Report Gives,” shows that the number of women in managerial positions in Italy has increased by 8.1% in the last year and 92% since 2008. Overall, there has been a 3.8% increase in managers in Italy, with women now making up 21.4% of the total compared to 12.2% in 2008.

The tertiary sector has a higher percentage of women managers at 25.4%, compared to the industry sector at 15.9%. This growth is evident across all sectors of the Italian economy, with the tertiary sector seeing an overall increase of 5.3%, and women registering an impressive 8.5% increase. The health and social assistance sectors have also shown significant growth, with a total increase of 18.3%, and women reaching a remarkable 20.2% increase.

On the other hand, the industry sector has been slower to perceive this change, with only a modest increase of 7.1% in new managers and an overall managerial increase of just 1.8%. However, despite this slower growth, it is clear that women are making strides in leadership roles across various sectors in Italy, with numbers continuing to grow each year.

One factor contributing to this trend is generational turnover within management positions, as more young female managers enter the workforce each year. Women now make up an impressive 39% of those under the age of 35 who hold managerial positions.

Overall, these findings suggest that progress is being made towards gender equality within Italian management positions but there is still work to be done across all sectors and generations to ensure that women have equal opportunities for advancement and leadership roles.

In conclusion, while some sectors may be slower than others to recognize and implement change, it’s clear that progress towards gender equality is being made across all areas of Italian business management positions are becoming increasingly diverse as more young female leaders enter the scene.

By Samantha Johnson

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