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Drivers Strongly Dislike Advanced Technologies

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 7, 2024
Drivers Strongly Dislike Advanced Technologies

According to a recent study by J.D. Power, automakers are increasingly incorporating advanced technology into modern cars under the assumption that consumers demand it. However, this trend has led to dissatisfaction among drivers, particularly those who own luxury brands like BMW. The study found that there is a significant reliability gap between mass market brands and luxury brands, with the issues stemming from the complex onboard technologies included in these vehicles.

One of the main complaints from vehicle owners was the unreliable Bluetooth phone connections, which can be frustrating to deal with while driving. Additionally, the study noted that complicated touchscreen menus with buried options make simple tasks, like adjusting the air temperature, difficult to perform. Many automakers have eliminated traditional knobs and buttons in favor of touchscreens, further complicating the user experience.

While Lexus was rated as the most dependable brand in the survey, luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Acura scored below average. Tesla, whose vehicles were not included in the survey due to limited access to vehicle owner information, was found to have several issues reported by owners, including problems with Autopilot and forward collision systems.

Overall, the study highlights the challenges that automakers face in balancing advanced technology with user-friendly design. As consumer expectations continue to evolve, it is essential for car manufacturers to prioritize user experience and reliability in order to meet the demands of modern drivers.

By Samantha Johnson

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