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Driving to Disney World: A Cost-Saving Adventure but Will I Do It Again?

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving to Disney World: A Review of the 20-Hour Journey

I decided to drive 20 hours from Connecticut to Florida for my Disney World vacation instead of flying due to the high costs of flights over Presidents Day weekend. Although it allowed me to pack as much as I wanted and make stops along the way, I am uncertain about repeating the experience in the future.

While driving, unexpected weather conditions impacted our travels, with snowfall overnight adding extra time for cleaning off the car and driving cautiously on slippery roads. Although the snow created picturesque scenery initially, it also brought worrying thoughts about potential disruptions to our plans.

Despite saving about $300 in travel expenses by driving, it was still a long and tiring journey that required a significant time commitment. The cost savings from driving to Florida instead of flying made the trip worthwhile, but I acknowledge that the convenience of flying to Disney World would be worth the additional expense for me next time.

By Samantha Johnson

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