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Dutch wave energy company receives funding for extensive technology testing

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 5, 2024
Dutch wave energy company receives funding for extensive technology testing

Dutch Wave Power, a company focused on developing technology capable of converting energy from waves at sea into electrical energy or hydrogen, has recently been awarded a subsidy of over €99,000. This funding will support the large-scale testing and demonstration of their technology in the North Sea, specifically offshore Scheveningen. The subsidy comes from the Wadden fund (Waddenfonds) and is part of the Offshore For Sure (O4S) project, which involves 15 partners from Flanders and the Netherlands working together to accelerate the energy transition at sea.

The technology developed by Dutch Wave Power involves using a cylindrical float positioned at sea level to generate electricity. As the waves move up and down, they cause the float to rotate, and this rotation is converted into electricity by a built-in generator within the float. Currently, research is ongoing at a test site near Scheveningen to determine how much energy the system can generate from wave action in practical terms. Additionally, the technology is being tested under challenging weather conditions to assess its performance. Factors such as the security of energy supply, ecological impacts, and cost-effectiveness are also being evaluated.

The results of these tests are expected to provide valuable insights into the market readiness of the technology and the potential for its wider adoption. Moreover, the Wadden Islands, including Vlieland, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog, and Texel, have expressed interest in potentially utilizing Dutch Wave Power technology for their energy needs if the project proves successful. The proposed location for implementing this technology is the North Sea coastal zone above the islands.

By Samantha Johnson

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