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Early August presentation planned for Tesla’s electric “robotaxi”

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 7, 2024
Early August presentation planned for Tesla’s electric “robotaxi”

The American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is set to unveil its driverless vehicle, known as the “robotaxi”, on August 8, according to a social media post by CEO Elon Musk. Tesla’s stock saw a 6% increase in electronic trading following the announcement. Musk envisions owners of Tesla’s fully self-driving vehicles using them as robotaxis when not in use, rather than letting them sit idle in a garage.

Despite Musk’s optimism about the capabilities of Tesla’s full self-driving technology, the development of the robotaxi has faced challenges related to safety concerns from regulatory authorities and the public. In addition, Tesla reported disappointing sales in the first quarter and faces growing competition from traditional manufacturers in the electric vehicle market.

Elon Musk addressed rumors on Friday that Tesla had abandoned plans to produce a low-cost electric vehicle, stating that the project was still ongoing. The company is also facing competition in China from local manufacturers like BYD. Meanwhile, in California, where electric vehicle sales are strong, a study showed a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions in areas with a high number of electric cars.

As Tesla prepares to introduce its robotaxi, the company continues to navigate challenges in the electric vehicle market and faces competition both domestically and internationally. Musk’s vision for the future of autonomous driving and electric vehicles remains a key focus for the company.

By Samantha Johnson

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