• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Economic Expert Guillaume Kasbarian Appointed New Minister Delegate for Housing: Simplifying Measures and Tackling Administrative Red Tape in the Real Estate Market


Feb 10, 2024
A Liberal Approach to Housing: Guillaume Kasbarian’s Reshuffle

Guillaume Kasbarian, a 36-year-old with expertise in economic issues, has been appointed as the new Minister Delegate in charge of Housing. He is known for his outspoken nature and has been the head of the Economic Affairs Committee. As part of his new role, Kasbarian plans to relaunch the real estate market with a liberal focus, economically speaking.

The focus of the new ministry is to simplify administrative measures and examine taxation on Airbnb rentals and degraded co-ownerships. Kasbarian wants to implement a “supply shock” by adopting two strong measures to allocate social housing to mayors and modifying the SRU law. Although he opposes repainting roofs white to reduce housing temperatures during heatwaves, Kasbarian has a lot of responsibility in his new position.

Kasbarian has also been quite vocal about his origins and his commitment to the plight of the Armenian people, which makes him a suitable candidate for such an important position. However, it’s unclear how these links are relevant to the content provided.

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