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Economy in a Circular Model

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
Economy in a Circular Model

To produce the goods and services that we use, we require fibres, minerals, energy, water, and various other resources. Unfortunately, in the EU, we are consuming at unsustainable levels and not reusing or recycling enough to ensure a sustainable future. Instead of using products that are designed for quick disposal and made from new materials, we should adopt circular economic systems that aim to turn waste into value.

Moving towards a circular economy involves shifting away from linear production and consumption methods, where items are used briefly before being discarded, to a more circular approach. This can involve practices like refurbishing, repurposing, redistributing, and other strategies that extend the lifespan of products. By embracing circular models, we can use products and materials for longer periods and transform them into new products after use, reducing waste and environmental impact.

The European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan provides a framework for initiatives that support a circular model, including the creation of better-designed and more sustainable products. While there has been some progress in promoting circular practices, such as increasing recycling rates and embracing sharing economy models like car sharing, there is still much work to be done.

Ultimately, to achieve a truly circular economy, we need to reduce our reliance on new raw materials in everything we produce and consume. Without a circular economy, Europe will struggle to achieve sustainability in the long run.

By Samantha Johnson

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