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Eismohr” Banned at Trade Fair in Leipzig: Ice Cream Classic Under Fire for Racial Insensitivity


Feb 11, 2024
Is calling soft ice cream with chocolate “ice cream ear” racist?

In recent years, the popular ice cream classic “Eismohr” has become a source of controversy in Leipzig. The left-wing politician Oliver Gebhardt has called for the dessert to be banned, stating that it is “racist” and uses language that is “absolutely shocking and shameful.”

The term “Moor,” which was used as a derogatory term for black people during colonialism, has been classified as “outdated” and “discriminatory” by the Duden dictionary. Despite years of debate, some places still use the term out of tradition, such as the controversial “Mohrenkopf” (chocolate kiss) or the “Mohr im Shirt” (Austrian cake with cream).

During a recent trade fair in Leipzig, over 750 dealers exhibited at the “Haus Garten Freizeit” fair. It was found that the name “Eismohr” was listed on several menus at various stands. However, organizers of the fair had no knowledge that this name was being advertised and emphasized their rejection of racism and exclusion of minorities. They took immediate action to remove any wording that could be viewed as critical once they became aware of it.

The organizers also stated that they cannot check every advertising sign but are grateful for information brought to their attention in order to prevent violations of their humanistic worldview. Consequences were drawn immediately after information about the issue was brought to their attention and the term was removed with immediate effect.

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