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Election Prepares to Take Place in Russia Amid Growing War Economy

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 14, 2024
Election Prepares to Take Place in Russia Amid Growing War Economy

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Russia’s economy is experiencing a period of growth. Despite the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago, wages are on the rise, unemployment is at a record low, and the ruble has stabilized. Data shows that the salaries of the country’s lowest earners have seen the fastest growth rate in the last three quarters, with an annual increase of about 20%. This positive economic outlook is expected to secure Vladimir Putin’s re-election as Russia heads to the polls this week. However, Ukraine has attempted to disrupt Putin’s election celebrations by launching drone attacks on Russian oil refineries, halting production. Putin has characterized these attacks as an attempt to interfere with the Russian elections.

In Dutch politics, Geert Wilders, who won the election back in November, has decided to drop his bid to become the Netherlands’ next prime minister. After months of coalition talks, Wilders has stepped aside in a compromise to allow the formation of a right-wing cabinet. Despite being on the verge of becoming premier, Wilders has prioritized the formation of a government and has chosen to support the advancement of talks over his personal ambitions.

By Samantha Johnson

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