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Embracing the Power of Pilates: The Worldwide Phenomenon and Its Many Benefits

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
How Pilates Practice Impacts the Body

Pilates training has gained immense popularity worldwide and is expected to grow in the coming years. According to surveys, Pilates is particularly popular among women and can be practiced in various styles including classic Pilates, rehabilitative Pilates, power Pilates, and functional Pilates.

Pilates can be performed on a mat, chair or Pilates bed, with the latter being the most commonly used tool today. The Pilates repertoire includes a variety of strength and flexibility exercises that focus on breathing, concentration, and deep body awareness. While Pilates may not require high intensity, it involves precise and quality work that offers significant results for the body.

Pilates classes typically begin with a slow and focused warm-up that emphasizes gradual movements to prepare the body for challenging exercises that follow. Instructors provide guidance on body control and correct posture throughout training, leading to improvements in both health and aesthetics.

While originally used for rehabilitation purposes, Pilates is now suitable for a wide range of individuals including professional athletes, dancers, fitness enthusiasts, pregnant women and people of all ages looking to improve balance strength flexibility. Despite its limitations as not being a high-intensity cardio workout or strength training program, it provides numerous benefits for overall body improvement. Many practitioners experience significant body transformations after incorporating Pilates into their routine. Joseph Pilates famously said “After ten classes you will feel better; after 20 classes you will look better; after 30 classes you will have a completely new body.” As such pilates continues to gain popularity making it a must-try for fitness enthusiasts looking for a holistic approach to physical wellbeing

By Samantha Johnson

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