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Empowering Students: New University Initiative Boosts Mental Health Support on Campus

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Members of Faculty and Staff Demonstrate Dedication to Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our University has recently launched a new initiative to support student mental health. Student Life, Academic Affairs, Human Resources, and the Office of Equity and Diversity have collaborated on this initiative, which builds on the mental health trainings that faculty and staff have received throughout the academic year.

With a national rise in student mental health and wellness concerns, students are increasingly turning to faculty and staff for guidance and support. To help students navigate these challenges, the University has introduced a “Mental Health Matters” sticker that features a green ribbon, the international symbol of mental health awareness. This sticker is accompanied by an information sheet that highlights key resources available to students seeking support for mental health and wellness.

Faculty and staff who wish to show their support for students dealing with mental health challenges are encouraged to pick up a “Mental Health Matters” sticker and display it outside their office. By displaying this sticker, they are signaling to students that they are willing to provide assistance and support. Stickers are available in the Provost’s Office, Office of Student Life, and Office of Human Resources.

Students are encouraged to look for the “Mental Health Matters” sticker on faculty and staff office doors to easily identify individuals who are available to offer support and guidance for mental health and wellness concerns. This initiative aims to create a campus environment where students feel supported and empowered to seek help when needed.

By Samantha Johnson

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