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Episode of Olympic Channel’s ‘Playing Fields’ Receives Nomination for Sports Emmy Award

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 10, 2024
Episode of Olympic Channel’s ‘Playing Fields’ Receives Nomination for Sports Emmy Award

Ornella’s story is a powerful tale of courage and defiance in the face of societal norms and personal challenges. Despite obstacles, she bravely pursued her passion for boxing, becoming a symbol of hope and change in a country where women’s participation in sports is often limited by cultural expectations. The film chronicles the 29-year-old’s struggles, including rejection from her family, as well as her inspiring journey overall.

Sharing her experiences, Havyarimana expressed, “Now I travel through Burundi introducing boxing to young girls. I have witnessed firsthand how a love for sports can shift attitudes and culture. My dream is to encourage boxing among young African girls and women.” This news comes on the heels of Playing Fields, and Ornella’s story in particular, being nominated for Webby Awards. The 45th Annual Sports Emmy Awards ceremony, taking place on 21 May, will reveal the winner. For those interested, the entire series is available for viewing. To discover more about ‘Playing Fields,’ click here.

By Samantha Johnson

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