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Everon Acquires DIGIOP to Expand Offerings and Enhance Intelligence-Driven Solutions

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Everon Expands into Video-Enhanced Intelligence and Technology by Acquiring DIGIOP

DIGIOP, a software development company specializing in video and business intelligence solutions, has recently been acquired by Everon. CEO Dan Bresingham expressed the company’s commitment to providing proactive, intelligence-driven solutions to their customers by integrating technology into their businesses. With the acquisition of DIGIOP, Everon will expand its offerings and grow through technology.

DIGIOP’s subscription-based software solutions combine video with various data sources to provide actionable insights, efficient data mining, and case management features across the entire enterprise. These solutions, along with a user-friendly interface, leverage business intelligence to support organizational needs in operations, IT, asset protection, marketing, and more.

As part of the acquisition, Mike Compton, the president and CEO of DIGIOP will be joining the Everon executive leadership team as the chief technology officer. Compton expressed his excitement about joining Everon and the opportunity to enhance their intelligence-focused solutions. Teaming up with Everon will allow them to meet the increasing demand for cloud-connected, data-forward, SaaS-based technologies and provide more solutions that create greater value for their customers.

For more information on how these new solutions can benefit your organization visit www.everonsolutions.com

By Samantha Johnson

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