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Excited Forensic Science Major Ready to Take on Student-Athlete Role

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 23, 2024
Excited Forensic Science Major Ready to Take on Student-Athlete Role

Gabi Chavez ’28 is eagerly anticipating becoming a part of the Charger community this upcoming fall as she prepares to join the Chargers Women’s Track & Field team. Ever since she discovered the University of New Haven’s forensic science program, she knew that this was the place where she wanted to further her education.

Through her research, Chavez found that the University of New Haven offered the perfect combination of academic excellence and a strong athletics program. Making the decision to join the Chargers Women’s Track & Field team was an easy one for her due to this ideal blend of interests.

Originally from Arlington Heights, Illinois, Chavez made the trip to the University to get a firsthand look at the campus and all that it had to offer. The warm and welcoming community instantly made her feel right at home, solidifying her decision to join the Charger family.

Her visit allowed her to explore not only the campus itself, but also the opportunities available to student-athletes. Meeting with the coaching staff and seeing the athletic facilities firsthand only confirmed her excitement and commitment to joining the track and field team.

Now, with the fall semester quickly approaching, Gabi Chavez ’28 is eagerly looking forward to officially beginning her journey as a Charger and being an active member of the University community. She is enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the University of New Haven’s track and field team and fully immerse herself in both academics and athletics.

By Samantha Johnson

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