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Expert Advice for Calming Your Mind: Effective Techniques for Reducing Anxiety and Distress


Nov 20, 2023

An image depicts two heads on a black background, with one head exhibiting chaotic loops drawn with a white line and the other representing a calm way of thinking through concentric circles. This topic was published on the Harvard Health portal.

People who struggle with constant worry about what they need to do, what they failed to do, and what they have to do next often suffer from anxiety. When busy thoughts take over, it can be challenging to stay focused and may feel like being trapped. However, there are ways to overcome these thoughts and change your thinking patterns.

To manage busy thoughts, it is crucial to understand that such thoughts are just ‘noise’ in the mind and occur occasionally. Practicing awareness can help shift your thinking patterns. You can also distract yourself by engaging in physical activity or scheduling time for worrying.

If busy thoughts are affecting a person’s life or sleep patterns, consulting a family doctor or mental health professional may be necessary as they could be related to anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD, trauma, or other mental health issues. It is essential to seek help if you are struggling with these thoughts as early intervention can make all the difference in managing them effectively.

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