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Expert Insights: Uncast Votes and the Delaware Election Landscape in 2022

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Local Political Science Expert Provides Analysis on the Future of the Upcoming Election

Delaware State University history and political science professor, Dr. Samuel Hoff, emphasized the need for voters to think carefully about who the best fit would be for the presidency in light of Nikki Haley dropping out of the presidential race early Wednesday morning. He raised questions about how the candidates will perform following the conventions in the summer, the setup for general election debates, and the impact of uncommitted voters in key states on the race between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Dr. Hoff highlighted that a lower voter turnout compared to previous elections could have a significant impact on local races within Delaware. He predicted that the two candidates would engage in a fierce battle over the next eight months, with rejection of early and absentee voting by Delaware’s Supreme Court potentially swaying elections especially in areas like Kent County where support for Democrats and Republicans is evenly split.

In conclusion, Dr. Hoff expressed concern about the potential influence of uncast votes on the outcome of various elections across Delaware. He urged voters to consider all factors carefully as they prepare to cast their ballots in November.

By Samantha Johnson

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