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Exploring the Secrets of Snakes: An Eyewitness to Evolution at Fort Hays State University’s Science Café

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
FHSU’s upcoming Science Café on March 18th

On Monday, March 18th, Fort Hays State University’s Science and Mathematics Education Institute (SMEI) will host its next Science Café. The event, titled “Snakes in jars: Using museum specimens to discover new species and test evolution,” will take place at 7 p.m. at The Venue in Thirsty’s Brew Pub & Grill located at 2704 Vine.

Dr. Jackson Roberts, Zoology Collections Manager at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History, will be leading the presentation. He will discuss how scientists utilize research collections from museums like the Sternberg Museum to explore various scientific questions, including those related to conservation, evolution, and the discovery of new species.

The Science Café presentations are open to the public and free of charge. For more information or to ask any questions, contact Cari Rohleder at cbrohleder@fhsu.edu or 785-628-4743. Additional information can also be found by visiting the FHSU Science and Mathematics Education Institute’s website, the FHSU Science Café website, or their Facebook page.

By Samantha Johnson

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