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External program leadership hosted by Clinical and Translational Science Institute

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 14, 2024
External program leadership hosted by Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Kraschnewski expressed gratitude for the valuable insights provided by both the External Advisory Board (EAB) and dedicated leaders within the CTSI. Their recommendations have played a significant role in shaping the organization’s mission and vision in an impactful manner.

The core mission of the CTSI is to facilitate connections between translational scientists and community partners with the goal of enhancing healthy living and promoting health equity. This is achieved through various means such as funding support, training programs, community engagement initiatives, and collaborative projects across Penn State and the wider community.

In line with its vision, the CTSI aims to make strides in improving rural health through the advancement of translational science and collaboration with communities to translate discoveries into practical applications. This vision serves as the guiding force behind the Institute’s efforts to bring about positive changes in healthcare.

Looking towards the future, Kraschnewski highlighted the importance of staying aligned with the organization’s mission and vision. As plans are being made for the Institute’s renewal in 2026, strategic planning exercises are underway to incorporate the key themes outlined in the EAB’s report. These themes will continue to serve as guiding principles for the CTSI’s efforts in the years to come.

By Samantha Johnson

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