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Eye-Minders Ltd.: Revolutionizing Mental Health Diagnosis with Proprietary AI-Based Software

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Unlocking the secrets of the soul: Exploring the depths of a person’s inner world through eye analysis

Eye-Minders Ltd., founded by Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman, is a leading company in the field of mental health and healthtech. The company specializes in using eye analysis to detect and understand a person’s inner world. By transforming science into innovative technology, Eye-Minders has developed a proprietary AI-based solution for identifying cognitive and emotional load. This deep-tech software is protected by patents and trade secrets, making it a unique and valuable offering in the market.

To date, Eye-Minders has raised $6 million, with $3.2 million from investors and $2.6 million from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA). Investors in the company include A.L. Electronics Engineering & Production Services Ltd., Yoram Wasserman, Sam Somech, Moshe Kilim, and Yoram Palti.

Eye-Minders Ltd. was selected to be part of the Israeli startup squad at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech NY 2024 conference. As part of the event, early-stage startups in various fields, including AI & Data, Fintech & Retail, Cyber, Media & Entertainment, Healthtech, and Greentech, had the opportunity to present their companies to senior executives from the US and international tech industries. This exposure at the event allowed Eye-Minders to showcase their cutting-edge technology and establish connections in the global tech community.

The company’s success is attributed to its unique approach to mental health diagnosis that utilizes eye analysis to identify cognitive and emotional loads in individuals. This technology has been well received by both investors and industry experts alike due to its potential for revolutionizing mental healthcare.

In addition to its technological advancements, Eye-Minders also boasts an impressive list of investors who are known for their expertise in various fields such as electronics engineering and production services. With this backing from top investors combined with its innovative technology offerings

By Samantha Johnson

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