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Facebook and Instagram Outages: Not Something to Panic Over, Says Political Consultant Marko Rakar

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
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Facebook and Instagram systems have recently experienced outages, causing difficulties for users worldwide. While the issue may seem concerning, political consultant Marko Rakar believes that these outages are not something to be overly worried about. He explained that such incidents happen once or twice a year and are usually resolved quickly.

Many users reported issues with logging into their accounts and accessing content on both platforms. The Downdetector page recorded almost 350 thousand reports in the last 24 hours, indicating the widespread impact of the outages. Despite the difficulties, a spokesperson from Meta, Facebook’s parent company, reassured users that they were working to resolve the issues.

Rakar believes that the outages will not result in any major damage to Meta as he suspects it was likely a technical glitch that has now been resolved. He remains optimistic that by the end of the day, everything will return to normal. Overall, he advises not to panic over these temporary disruptions in service.

In conclusion, while the outages may have caused some inconvenience for users, it is important to remain calm and patient as technical issues are being addressed. Rakar’s insights shed light on the situation and offer reassurance that the systems will likely be back up and running smoothly soon.

By Samantha Johnson

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