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Federal Office of Civil Rights investigating massive health care hack

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 14, 2024
Federal Office of Civil Rights investigating massive health care hack

Federal civil rights investigators are currently looking into the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare to determine if protected health information was exposed. The Office for Civil Rights will also investigate whether Change Healthcare followed laws protecting patient privacy. Change Healthcare is a technology provider that processes insurance claims, handling approximately 14 billion transactions annually. The investigation was initiated due to the unprecedented magnitude of the attack, as stated by Office for Civil Rights Director Melanie Fontes Rainer in a letter.

The Office for Civil Rights, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, enforces federal rules that establish privacy and security requirements for patient health information. UnitedHealth Group, the parent company of Change Healthcare, has stated that they will cooperate with the investigation and are working with law enforcement to determine the extent of the attack. Last month, attackers gained access to some of Change Healthcare’s information technology systems, leading to disruptions in billing and care-authorization systems nationwide.

The American Hospital Association has reported delays in patients receiving prescriptions and hospitals experiencing issues with claims processing, billing, and insurance coverage verification as a result of the cyberattack. Change Healthcare has announced that all major pharmacy and payment systems are now back online, with plans to reconnect claims network and software on March 18. The company attributes the breach to the ransomware group ALPHV, also known as Blackcat.

Ransomware attacks, especially in the healthcare sector, have been on the rise in recent years according to cybersecurity experts. Change Healthcare’s efforts to restore their systems and investigate the attack are ongoing. The Associated Press Health and Science Department is supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science and Educational Media Group, and the AP is solely responsible for all content.

By Samantha Johnson

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