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Floyd granted $2.7 million to attract businesses to the region

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 9, 2024
Floyd granted $2.7 million to attract businesses to the region

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently invested $2.7 million in Floyd’s Regional Commerce Center to provide necessary infrastructure. This investment includes a state-level road, public water and sewers, and fiber optics, making the site business-ready. Lydeana Martin, the community and economic development director for Floyd, expressed excitement about the potential impact of this project on the local economy.

Many residents of Floyd currently have to commute elsewhere for work, so having more job opportunities locally is seen as a positive development. Martin emphasized the importance of creating a diverse economy in Floyd, beyond just relying on tourism. She wants to ensure that residents have access to a variety of job opportunities without having to leave the area.

One local business owner, Jay Bekono of Henry’s Healthy Pets, highlighted the need for more space to meet growing demand. He praised Floyd County’s support for small businesses and their forward-thinking approach to e-business. Despite being in a rural area, Bekono emphasized that they can still reach customers worldwide thanks to modern technology.

The county officials are in the early planning stages but are optimistic about the potential for new businesses in the area in the future. The investment in infrastructure at Floyd’s Regional Commerce Center is expected to attract more businesses and create job opportunities for local residents, helping to strengthen and diversify the local economy.

By Samantha Johnson

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