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Former NFL players’ lawsuit against the NFL disability plan will move forward

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 23, 2024
Former NFL players’ lawsuit against the NFL disability plan will move forward

The NFL faces frequent lawsuits, but cases rarely make it to trial. However, a recent lawsuit brought by former employees against the league’s disability plan may have the potential to go to trial. The lawsuit, representing 10 former players, has been allowed to proceed to the discovery process. The case alleges that officials running the disability program acted in bad faith and violated federal law. The players’ lawyers have accused the league of systemic injustice and are committed to holding the disability plan accountable for its actions. The plaintiffs in the case include Willis McGahee, Eric Smith, Mike McKenzie, Jason Alford, Daniel Loper, Jamize Olawale, Alex Parsons, Charles Sims, Joey Thomas, and Lance Zeno.

During a video conference last year, Smith shared details of his brain trauma, including blacking out and waking up with injuries. He described going down a dark path that affected his family. The case will now progress further towards a potential trial, although there is still a long process ahead before that point.

By Samantha Johnson

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