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From Basketball Court to Stage: The Musical Talents of MVL Chargers’ Kyler Flunker

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Meet Kyler Flunker: News, Sports, Jobs

MVL Chargers senior guard Kyler Flunker delivered a standout performance in the recent Section 2AA playoff game, scoring an impressive 25 points and leading his team to a thrilling 78-63 victory over Sibley East. In an exclusive interview with Travis Rosenau, Flunker shared some personal insights into his life off the court.

When asked about his favorite food, Flunker revealed that he enjoys Chicken Alfredo. He also mentioned that Sleepy Hallow is currently his go-to musical artist and that he has always admired basketball player Kyrie Irving. Flunker dreams of vacationing in Puerto Rico, where his father grew up, as he would like to explore the area and possibly visit his dad’s childhood home.

Off the basketball court, Flunker is actively involved in various singing activities like shower singing, singing to music, and performing solos in choir and swing choir. His love for music has been a passion of his since a young age and continues to be an important part of his life today.

By Samantha Johnson

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