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From Deposit to Bullion: The Royal Canadian Mint Embraces Blockchain Technology for Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency in Gold Refining Operations

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 5, 2024
Tracking the Journey of Gold: How New Technology is Monitoring the Royal Canadian Mint’s Supply Chain, from Mine to Vault

In a bid to increase transparency and efficiency in their refinery operations, Marie Lemay, the president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, has emphasized the importance of utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT). This innovation allows customers to have visibility into the sourcing process from start to finish, ensuring the purity, quality, and security of the gold refined and produced by the Mint.

The integration of DLT brings about improvements in business-to-business processes for mines, recyclers, and other metal suppliers whose materials are refined by the Mint. This includes secure data transfer and easy access to reports and audits. DLT captures two key types of data related to the gold bullion processed by the Mint: ownership custody and transformation. Ownership custody records the transfer and ownership of gold bullion, providing a transparent history for those who hold custody or ownership of the gold. Transformation tracks the processing of gold from deposit to refining, creating a provenance record for each bullion bar to identify the origin of the gold within it.

Platform users registered with the Mint, such as refining clients, logistical providers, financial institutions, and bullion distributors and dealers, will have direct access to this data. Overall, implementing DLT in the Royal Canadian Mint’s refinery operations aims to provide increased security, transparency, and efficiency throughout the gold production process.

By Samantha Johnson

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