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From Tacos to Viral: The Rise of Tako Seoul, the Unique Local Korean-Mexican Fusion Restaurant in Fishers

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Boost in Business for Tako Seoul in Fishers following Keith Lee’s Shoutout

Tako Seoul, a unique local Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant in Fishers, has experienced a surge in business due to the “Keith Lee” effect. Social media influencer Keith Lee recently featured the restaurant in a viral video, leading to increased customer traffic. Although owner Mycoe Andrews mentioned that weekdays are slower, they are working hard to grow their business.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes including Korean tacos and churros. In anticipation of Lee’s All-Star weekend visit, they launched a 19-day “Where’s Keith Lee Campaign.” Despite his inability to make it, the publicity generated by his video helped attract new customers, proving that hard work pays off.

Leland Baptist from the Indy Black Chamber of Commerce emphasized the power of social media in boosting businesses. Tako Seoul has secured partnerships with other venues like Lucas Oil and collaborations with various platforms such as Traveling Foodie Guyde, Keith Lee, and Black Indy Live have all contributed to their success.

In the coming months, Tako Seoul plans to participate in events at the Indy Motor Speedway including the upcoming eclipse event and the Indy 500. They are grateful for the support they have received and excited to continue growing their business through strategic partnerships and social media presence.

By Samantha Johnson

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