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From Tesla to the Mercedes AMG EQS: How Andrew Bosworth Found His Perfect Augmented-Reality Car Experience

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Tesla Replaced by Electric Mercedes as Meta CTO’s Vehicle of Choice

Andrew Bosworth, the Chief Technology Officer of Meta, recently praised his Mercedes AMG EQS as the best augmented-reality product available. In a recent podcast interview, Bosworth spoke about his experience with the luxury electric sedan and why he chose it over other options.

Bosworth, who is not known for being a “car guy,” was thoroughly impressed by the features and performance of the Mercedes AMG EQS. He mentioned that he had previously driven older used cars that frequently broke down, followed by a decade-long stint with a Honda Accord and then a Tesla Model S. However, an incident with his Model S prompted him to seek out a new electric car, ultimately deciding on the Mercedes AMG EQS for its luxurious features.

The 2023 Mercedes AMG EQS certainly isn’t a budget-friendly option, with a retail price of $147,550. However, Bosworth found the features and performance of the luxury sedan to be worth the investment. The EV can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds and comes equipped with advanced tech tools like a head-up display and surround-view camera system. But it was the innovative 3-D camera system that really drew high praise from Bosworth. This system utilizes when making turns provides real-time feedback on obstacles ahead of the vehicle.

Overall, Bosworth’s experience with the Mercedes AMG EQS solidified his opinion that it is one of the top augmented-reality products available today.

By Samantha Johnson

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