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Gary Shilling Explains Why the U.S. Economy May Experience a ‘Delayed’ Recession

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 9, 2024
Gary Shilling Explains Why the U.S. Economy May Experience a ‘Delayed’ Recession

Financial analyst Gary Shilling believes that the U.S. economy could still be headed towards a “delayed” recession, despite the current strength in employment. In an interview with CNBC on “The Bottom Line,” Shilling discusses various aspects of the economy, including key indicators, artificial intelligence, globalization, and the upcoming Presidential Election.

Shilling highlights that there has been more strength in employment than what may be justified by the state of business, raising concerns about the potential risks of a recession. He touches on investor sentiment, recession risks, and the outlook for the labor market in the near future.

The discussion also delves into the potential impacts of the upcoming Presidential Election on the economy, as well as the future of globalization in a rapidly changing economic landscape. Shilling shares his insights on investment strategy, the disruption caused by artificial intelligence, and the ongoing conflicts around the world and their impact on global business.

The interview is scripted and edited by Andrea Miller, with production and camera work by Charlotte Morabito and additional camera work by Jordan Smith. The Supervising Producer for the segment is Lindsey Jacobson, with additional footage provided by Getty Images. Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving economic landscape in the United States.

By Samantha Johnson

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