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German chemical industry states that economy is being hurt by ongoing train strikes

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
German chemical industry states that economy is being hurt by ongoing train strikes

The chemical industry in Germany is expressing concern over the impact of ongoing strikes by the train drivers’ union GDL in its dispute with Deutsche Bahn, the state-owned railway operator. Wolfgang Große Entrup, who heads the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), emphasized that these strikes are adding to the economic challenges already facing Germany. He urged all parties involved to come to a compromise after months of negotiations.

The GDL has called for a 24-hour strike affecting long-distance, regional, and freight transport. Passenger transport will be affected starting at 2 am on Tuesday, while freight transport will be impacted starting at 6 pm on Monday. This strike poses a significant logistical challenge for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as the rail system plays a crucial role in transporting raw materials and finished products.

The VCI emphasized that the rail strikes, announced with little warning, create disruptions and delays that are difficult to mitigate. German chemical companies rely on rail transport to move around 155,000 tons of chemicals daily, with 23,000 tons transported by rail. The industry is highly dependent on efficient rail logistics, making any disruptions particularly impactful.

By Samantha Johnson

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