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Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck Heads to the US for Climate and Energy Talks: Limiting LNG Imports and Promoting Sustainable Energy Policies

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
German Economy Minister Travels to US for Discussions on Climate and Energy

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck is set to travel to the United States on Wednesday for talks on climate and energy policy issues. As Vice Chancellor, Habeck aims to engage with business leaders and politicians in Washington, New York, and Chicago. This trip marks his third visit to the US since taking office. The focus of the visit, according to his ministry, is on economic, energy, and climate policies, particularly in light of ongoing geopolitical challenges.

Habeck’s discussions with key stakeholders in the US are expected to include limiting imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US to essential levels and halting the construction of LNG import terminals in Germany. Germany currently obtains over 80% of its LNG from the US, but uncertainty looms following a recent decision by the Biden administration to pause export permits for LNG. This decision was made to assess the impact of LNG exports on energy prices, US energy security, and the environment.

Environmental Action Germany has urged Habeck to take action on this issue, calling for limits on LNG imports from the US and an end to LNG import terminal construction in Germany. The group argues that such measures are necessary to reduce Germany’s dependence on fossil fuels and promote sustainable energy policies.

Habeck’s visit to the US is expected to conclude on Saturday. The trip serves as an opportunity for discussions and dialogues on various economic, energy, and climate-related matters with key stakeholders in the US. Through these discussions, Habeck hopes to strengthen economic ties with the US and promote collaboration in technology.

By Samantha Johnson

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